Crafts and Industries through the Ages

Core Exhibition Museum

The Core Exhibition will cover all of Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to the present through a multidisciplinary approach that will highlight both tangible and intangible heritage. The Core is essentially a large representative space which functions as a dynamic hall and where architecture, museology and the history of the territory, organized chronologically, will help visitors to understand, through key elements, the evolution of Egyptian culture and the contents of the thematic galleries.

Core New kingdom

أسرة مصرية عشرون

قام الملك ست ناختي (1190 - 1187 ق.م) تحت حماية الإله آمون بوضع حد للقلاقل والاضطرابات التي انغمست فيها الأس التاسعة عشرة، مؤسساً السلالة الملكية الثانية المعروفة باسم الرعامسة. ثم توالى بعد هذا الملك سبعة ملوك آخرون يحملون اسم "رمسيس"


Middle Kingdom

The rise of the Middle Kingdom began in a period of civil war. The struggle between the rulers of Thebes and Heracleopolis was finally decided in favor of a strong family from Luxor

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