Crafts and Industries through the Ages

Cultural activities

Alexander the great,  is the Alexander III one of the most fa- mous military leader in the ancient history, he came from Mace- donia in Greece, he leads the Greek military to eliminate the Persians.
When Alexander the Great entered Egypt at 332 BC, the re- spect he claimed towards the Egyptian gods was his way to win the hearts of the Egyptians, They welcomed him as a savior from the Persian occupation. His journey from the Temple of Ptah in Memphis to the Oracle temple of Ammon in Siwa oasis was a clear prove of his understanding of the needs of the Egyptians. During his trip to Siwa -which was to prove he had the Egyptian blood running in his veins -he ordered the  foundation of the
city of Alexandria ,The site Alexander chose for the city offered an ideal opportunity to open Egypt to the Hellenistic civilization and to establish a trading port connecting Egypt with the rest of the Ancient world , Alexander chose his engineer “Dinocrates”
to make the plan of the new city , He divided the city to streets cut one another at right angle ( like a chess board) .