Crafts and Industries through the Ages

The Egyptian University

The Egyptian University The call for establishing university in Egypt has started in the early 20th century the dream came true with the non – govern- mental establishment of the university in 1908 then it has turned governmental since 1925 and was called “Cairo University” which is regarded as the mother of all Arab and African univer- sities

The 1919 Revolution hold a special status in the Egyptian and Arab history. Among its most important results were the rising of the Egyptian nationalism and the independence.

Declaration of the Egyptian Kingdom in 1922 besides the issuance of the National constitution in 1923.

After 1919 and in the post-independence period, modernizing the Egyptian economy through the emergence of Misr Bank is also regarded as one of the most influential experiences in the Egyptian history. Its effect was not only limited to the economic aspect but also the artistic. No one can deny the role played by “Studio Misr”, established by Talaat Harb, in progressing the

Egyptian cinema whose impact extended from Egypt to the Arab